Fantasy Marching - DCI Rules 2016


Fantasy Marching is an online gaming experience. You have the power to create your own super corps by selecting individual captions from each of the DCI World Class ensembles to form your own group - and compete against your friends.

It’s like fantasy football. But for DCI. And these are our rules.


Create a league:

  • Go to

  • Sign up with email/facebook/twitter to create an account

  • Click the “create league button” on the home page

    • Choose a unique league name

    • Choose league color

    • Invite friends to play with you

      • Via email

      • Via sms

  • Max league size of 10 people

  • Choose audition type

    • Live - league members pick their own captions

    • Auto - app automatically picks captions for all league members

  • If you create the league, you are the “director”

    • Once league has all the people in it that you want, director must close league to start auditions

Join a League:

  • Go to

  • Sign in with email/facebook/twitter if you have an account or click “create account” to join the game

  • Search for league to join by league name or directors u/n

  • Click “join”

Your Corps

  • During auditions you will build a corps that will consist of 6 captions:

    • 3 Starters

      • 1 MUS, 1 GE, 1 VIS

    • 1 Flex

      • Can be any caption

    • 2 Bench

      • Can be any caption

      • Rotated with starters



Pre Audition Rankings

  • Next to each corp caption is a number. That number is their rank from last years DCI finals. If the corp caption does not have a number, they are unranked because they did not make finals.

  • Corps Captions are subgroups of a single Drum Corps

    • Each drum corps will have 3 sub groups

    • i.e Phantom Regiment - GE, Phantom Regiment - VIS, Phantom Regiment - MUS

      • If a corps won first overall last year, it is possible for one or more of their captions to have a rank of less than 1

Audition Methods

  • Live Auditions

    • During league creation, each league director will pick their audition date and time

      • This date and time can be changed at anytime

      • Directors can choose to begin auditions at any time after league is closed

    • If you’re the director of the league, select the “start auditions” button in league settings to begin

    • Once director has elected to begin auditions, click on the league to join the audition process

    • If you can’t make the auditions, your corps captions will be automatically selected for you

    • Audition selection order is randomly selected

      • Audition selection order is reversed at the start of each new round

        • If you go last in round 1, you go first in round 2

      • There are 6 total rounds

    • For those present at auditions, on your turn you will have a minimum of 2m window to select your desired corps caption. This duration can be set by the director at any time.

      • You can filter by caption: GE, VIS, MUS

        • Listed in order of pre audition rankings (highest to lowest)

      • A corps caption can only be selected once

      • To make your pick, click on the corps caption of your choice

    • You can view the picks of others in your league by watching the audition feed in the league screen during the remainder of auditions

    • At the close of auditions you must have selected at least 1 of each: VIS, MUS, and GE

  • Auto Auditions

    • App automatically picks your 6 captions optimized by highest preseason ranking

Competition Season

Caption Eligibility

  • 4 corps captions can be selected to perform per week:

    • 1 MUS, 1 VIS, 1 GE

    • 1 FLEX

      • You can select either 1 MUS, 1 VIS, or 1 GE for the FLEX position

  • A week is 12 am PT Sunday to 11:59 pm PT Saturday

    • If a show starts on Saturday, the score will post to that week (regardless of time zone)

  • Your line up for the week can not be changed once the week has begun

  • Your two remaining “alternate” corps captions are not performing and do not receive a score during the week

  • During the week (in real life) drums corps shows occur. The scores from these shows translate to the scores posted in your league

  • As your corp captions perform during the week, you can immediately choose to lock in that score for your corps caption.  You can also choose to wait for another new score if they are performing later in the week

    • If you choose to lock in a score, no additional performances may be selected for that caption, that week

    • In order to lock in a score, it must be selected before the start of the corp captions next performance that week

    • If you do not lock in a score, the final performance for that caption, for that week, will be automatically selected as your captions final score

  • Your corps caption line up can be selected up to 1 week in advance, (i.e. swapping your starting captions with alternates prior to 11:59 pm PT, Saturday)

Regular Season Scoring

  • The caption scores in the app are directly pulled from the recap sheets from competitions across the county

  • Regardless of the shows judging panel, scores with always be adjusted to match a finals sheet (GE 40, VIS 30, MUS 30)

    • i.e. if your caption scores a 10/20 for VIS, that would be adjusted to be a score of 15/30 for VIS.  

  • Your corps score for the week is the sum of your three captions (just like real life)

    • If your Flex Caption out scores one of your starting captions, the Flex caption score automatically replaces your starting captions score

      • i.e If you locked in the Madison Scouts - VIS in your flex spot at 19. And you started Blue Devils - VIS and you locked in an 18, the app would automatically select the highest VIS score (Scouts - VIS 19)

  • You receive a weekly ranking based on your starting captions total scores

  • Your league ranking is based on a cumulative total of all your corps weekly scores

  • The last week of the season (Week 7), is an adjusted week to include the final world class regular season shows on Monday 8/8/16.

    • Week 7 ends on Monday at 11:59pm PT

  • There will be a regular season champion named in each league with the conclusion of Week 7

Finals Week Scoring

  • Week 8 begins on 8/9/16 at 12 am PT

  • All league scores are reset to 0

  • Same scoring rules apply

  • If your caption does not advance to Semis, or Finals they will receive a score of 0

  • If you believe your starting corps caption may not advance, you are able to lock in a prelims or semis score for the week

  • There will be a finals week champion named in each league with the conclusion of finals week


  • Players can request to trade captions with others in their league

  • Captions can only be traded 1 for 1

  • No trading in week 8

Available Captions Pool

  • There will be always be an available captions pool

    • Depending on league size (max league size: 10), the volume of available captions will vary

  • Available Caption Add Priority (CAP) ranking is determined by reverse league rank for the previous week

    • i.e. If you are ranked last in your league, you are ranked 1st on the CAP

    • For week 1, CAP ranking is randomly selected

    • If there is a tie, tie goes to the highest score of your fourth performing caption

  • You are only allowed to add one available caption per week

  • If a request is put in by two members for the same available caption, the caption is added to the roster of the league member with the highest CAP ranking

  • Caption adds will be processed on Thursday during the week