The Game at a glance


Public – Create or participate in a league with fellow marching lovers. 

Private – Create or participate in a league with just people you know. 


Auto Auditions – The app selects everyone's corp captions automatically. Don't worry - It's optimized to give you the best pick available.


Live Auditions – Pick a time and pick your corps captions in real time with your league members across the country.


Caption PoolDepending on league size (max league size: 10), the volume of available captions will vary.

1:1 Trades – Players can request to trade captions with others in their league.

Competition Season

ScoresThe caption scores in the app are directly pulled from the recap sheets from competitions across the county.

Real Life? – No this is fantasy. Your corps score for the week is the sum of your three captions.

8 Panel Sheet – All show results will be modified to an 8 Panel Sheet.

League RankingYour league ranking is based on a cumulative total of all your corps weekly scores.


Finals week

Reset – All league scores are reset to 0.

ChampionThere will be a finals week champion named in each league with the conclusion of finals week.

EliminationIf your caption does not advance to Semis, or Finals they will receive a score of 0.